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Euphoria Yoga Studio

A Place with Heart in the Heart of Woodstock

Our Teachers

Elliott Landy

Elliott Landy

Elliott has been doing this type of energy transmission for nearly 30 years, having discovered that he could do it. He did not study to develop it and does not follow any established spiritual path although he does acknowledge that there are many ways of Connection and has learned from many teachings. Because he was fully engaged with his photographic work, it was not until several years ago that he began to offer public sessions like this one. To read more about his Sharing Stillness work : www.sharingstillness.com

He is is known worldwide for his famous Sixties Rock 'n Roll photographs, although he prefers his Impressionist Flower photos and a series he has taken of his wife, Linda, which they call Love At Sixty. Some of this work can be seen at www.elliottlandy.com. He is also developing LandyVision, a new form and format for playing with music and video. It is nearing release as an App.