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Euphoria Yoga Studio

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Laura Olson

laura olson

Laura has taken her daily ashtanga practice from New York to Boston to Greece to Colorado to Miami to India and finally, to Woodstock. She finds inspiration and yoga "homes" everywhere: in teacher trainings with Tim Miller, Nancy Gilgoff and Guy Donahaye; in workshops with Manju Jois, Lino Miele and Rolf Naujokat; in the Mysore room with Christopher Hildebrandt and Greg Tebb; with friends and mentors and of course at KPJAYI in Mysore, India.

From her first yoga practice, where she was hooked, Laura has found herself most at home on the mat, though she strives to bring these experiences to bear on all aspects of life.

Laura gives deep thanks to all who foster and inspire her practice, especially her loving and patient husband Bradford.

"Atha Yoganushasanam"—At last we have arrived at this auspicious moment when we can begin to practice yoga.